Nick Diaz handtekinn um síðustu helgi

Bardagamaðurinn Nick Diaz var handtekinn síðasta föstudag. Diaz er sakaður um heimilisofbeldi og þarf að mæta fyrir dómara í júní.

Bardagamaðurinn vinsæli var handtekinn á föstudaginn sakaður um að kyrkja fórnarlambið og fyrstu gráðu heimilisofbeldi. Hinn 34 ára Diaz greiddi 18.000 dollara tryggingu og var látinn laus á föstudagskvöldið. Diaz þarf að fara fyrir dómara þann 6. júní.

Nick Diaz hefur ekki barist síðan í febrúar 2015 og fátt sem bendir til að hann sé á leið í búrið þó hann sé enn samningsbundinn UFC. UFC sendi frá sér yfirlýsingu þar sem kom fram að málið yrði tekið til rannsóknar.

Vinur Nick Diaz heldur því fram á Instagram að fórnarlambið sé eltihrellir og hafi áreitt Diaz um árabil.

If it wasn’t clear, I’ve got this guys back if he needs me always and completely. One of the best people I know, and that’s the truth, he just plays by his rules, views the world very differently than most and has been fucked constantly. Seeing how everything evolved here infuriates me. The news is out so better to address than not, and for my own sake, not really on his behalf. I’ve seen drunk guys get in Nick’s face and avoid serious injury because he’s a martial artist and a killer but knows that and he’s passed the point of needing to prove it. He doesn’t even act tough to people… There is no scenario where Nick would put his hands on anyone unless it was necessary self-defense, and then watch the fuck out. Moving on, the girl who is accusing him is the most deranged and insane I’ve met to date. She has been obsessed with and stalked Nick for maybe 2 years now. Suicide attempts, calls to his family from fake numbers, thousand of calls a day – yes thousands, showing up everywhere he goes following his story… He changed his number to get away but Vegas is small and they crossed paths again. She left their interaction feeling some type of way yesterday and put in a fake report to get even and have him arrested which she’s threatened to do many times before as well. I can’t even fully digest this whole thing because of how insane and wrong it is. If Nick’s at fault it is because he has chosen again and again and again not to make a police report against her like I’ve advised profusely in the past when she has hit him or broke his phone or broke into his place or stolen things from him or threatened suicide, etc. Everyone is going to think what they think when they see the news so it’s very important for me to at least put something out that is actually factual. #fakenews

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